If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile and want a permanent replacement for your teeth, dental implants are definitely the way to go. This is the best option because they are permanent replacements for missing teeth and consist of a titanium root that is surgically inserted into the jaw bone where your natural tooth used to be. Once the surgery is complete, you will have to go through a recovery period so that your bone and implant fuse. After this occurs, you will have a sturdy base for an abutment that will hold your artificial tooth in place.

Dental implants are known to last for years if they are maintained properly and one of the reasons why they are so popular is because this option is a long-term solution that can improve your smile while helping you regain good oral health.

Implants are a great solution for a number of conditions, including missing teeth, cracked teeth, and gum disease and bone loss in your jaw. Missing and cracked teeth may affect your self-esteem and may cause you to hide your smile but dental implants will help restore your confidence because they look very natural and will blend in perfectly with your other teeth. Missing and cracked teeth can also affect the way you bite and can negatively affect your other teeth because of the undue stress that will be placed on them.

While there are other options that you can consider, dental implants will provide you with the most benefits. For example, poorly-fitting dentures may cause you to develop unhealthy eating habits and can lead to bone loss in your jaw. There is even the possibility of them becoming dislodged while you are in a public setting and this would lead to insecurity and embarrassment. Denture implants, on the other hand, will be attached permanently to your jaw just like your natural teeth, so you will never have to remove or replace them. They are also very easy to maintain, unlike traditional dentures, which have to be removed at night and placed in denture cleaner. This traditional option would also require you to apply an adhesive on your dentures every morning to keep them in place but with dental implants, you will never have to deal with these time-consuming and frustrating steps because they are easy and convenient to maintain. You simply have to brush and floss twice a day as you normally would to keep your implants clean and free of any infections.

Dental implants can replace single or multiple teeth based on your needs and will make you feel comfortable and confident while improving the appearance of your smile. South Georgetown Dental specializes in dental implants and our dentists will ensure you love your smile. Our emergency dental clinic will take care of all of your dentistry needs, so if you are in Georgetown, Ontario, give us a call today!