Made special just for you, veneers are a special type of crown that cover the tooth’s frontal surface to cover up any damage and give you a great smile! They’re bonded to the tooth and can be used not just to repair damage but change things like the tooth’s size, length, or even colour!

It should be noted that veneers don’t stain but they don’t whiten either. As a result, South Georgetown Dental recommends bleaching or whitening the surrounding teeth before you choose your veneers, so your smile is even and beautiful!

Veneer Styles

There are actually different types of veneers available; while they don’t change in purpose, they do change in application.
Porcelain veneers are the strongest and most natural looking, with improvements possible through the use of dental resin. They’re designed to slip over teeth and enhance their appearance.
Resin-based veneers don’t ruin your normal teeth and are incredibly safe for them; they can even be removed without any damage to the underlying tooth.


Depending on your treatment plan, the veneer quality, and your desires, costs can vary; for example, getting a full veneered smile naturally costs more than applying a veneer to one tooth. Until our dentists make a full assessment of your oral health, including the state of your gums, it’s difficult to give an accurate price estimation.
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