At South Georgetown Dental, we care about your teeth! This is why we are ensuring they are properly protected at all times with custom-fitted mouthguards for all of your needs. Did you know that mouthguards aren’t just for sports? The three most common types of guards that we supply are:


  • Nightguards: These guards are meant to help you keep your teeth apart so they don’t grind against each other at night. Some people tend to unintentionally clench their teeth while they are asleep, and the guard helps protect them from abrasion from grinding.
  • Snore Guards: This type of guard is less about your teeth as it is about air getting through your airways. Snore guards prop your mouth open in a way that reduces the likelihood of snoring to occur, promoting jaw and muscle strength to stop snoring at the source.
  • Sports Guards: Your traditional mouthguard for all types of high-impact sports. Where most mouthguards simply slip into your mouth and may mildly form to your teeth, we offer custom mouthguards for your teeth to be the most comfortable and cleanly fitting.

When using a mouthguard, it is highly important to ensure that you keep it clean by washing it after use and storing it in a clean and dry hard-shell case. By leaving mouthguards covered in your saliva, you’re helping to promote the growth of bacteria, which can be reintroduced to your mouth. Oral health is of the utmost importance!

If you think you could benefit from a custom-fitted mouthguard for any of the above reasons or situations, give us a call today and we can set up your fitting appointment.

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