A maze of emotions during this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Many of us dream of being on Ellen’s show, but a rare few ever get the opportunity to experience that brush with stardom. Our very own Dr. Asha Bhanot, dentist and owner of South Georgetown Dental, was one of those lucky few!

Ellen’s game show Ellen Degeneres’ Game of Games premiered its third season this January with new contestants, including our cherished Dr. Asha Bhanot. The game show is a collection of some of Ellen’s most popular games from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, including trivia questions, obstacle courses and more.

Dr. Bhanot decided to audition as a contestant on the successful TV show after attending The Ellen DeGeneres Show taping the previous spring. After a smooth audition, our South Georgetown dentist received a call from an Ellen producer to set up an interview with the game show’s casting director.

During an interview with several other eager contestants, Dr. Bhanot was one of the special few chosen and made it onto the hit game show. She was selected for a spot on the third season premiere playing Ellen’s popular Mazed and Confused game. The Mazed and Confused game has two opponents compete to find the exit in a massive maze, all under 60 seconds. If that wasn’t tricky enough, players also have to navigate the intricate maze through the fog and unexpected jump scares from people dressed in costumes.

Quite the challenge, Dr. Bhanot stated how “It was incredibly hard.” She went on to explain how “the games on that show are absolutely crazy and huge. You walk in and see this massive stage — it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.” The third season premiere was filmed during the summer but premiered on January 7th, 2020.

Although Dr. Bhanot didn’t triumph in the complex game, her dream of meeting Ellen did come to fruition. Being able to be right beside the notable celebrity was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our Ellen superfan. “When you see me giving her a hug and going crazy, that’s a genuine reaction. I was so overwhelmed — I was meeting my idol.”

With Dr. Bhanot back in the office, patients can schedule a dental service and ask her any burning questions about her Ellen experience. Your oral health care and comfort is our priority.
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