South Georgetown Dental – Children’s Dentistry

South Georgetown Dental  is the family dentist in Georgetown, Ontario for friendly, professional and comfortable dental services for kids. Our dental clinic is comfortable and safe for children to relieve them of any anxieties, fears or concerns they or their parents may have. Our dental hygienists and staff are extremely kind and compassionate to ease your little one’s fear and keep them engaged during every step.

Examination And Treatment

Initial consultations at our clinic with our childrens dentist are based around getting to know the patient and the dentist to ensure the comfort of your child. All treatments and assessments usually begin with the following:

Medical and Oral Dental Examination For Children Image

Medical and Oral Examination

X-Ray Dental Services for Kids South Georgetown

X-Ray Examination

Following the examination, our dentist will discuss a treatment plan with you on how to maintain your child’s oral health. We will always be transparent with you and discuss all recommended treatments that your child may require. Each of our patients are special and we ensure a customized dental treatment plan for your children based solely on their needs . It’s also extremely important to us to help educate children on how to properly maintain their oral health as those are important tips they will use for the rest of their lives.

How To Prevent Cavities

Our children’s dentistry clinic will inform both you and your child of preventative care methods to help maintain optimal oral health. There are some key ways to help maintain healthy teeth and gums and prevent cavities at home. These include:

Brush Twice Per Day, Children Cavity Protection

Encourage brushing twice daily and flossing once per day

Monitor Child Sugar Intake, Cavity Prevention

Monitor what your child drinks and try to reduce excessive sugar intake

Feed your child nutritious snacks and meals Icon

Feed your child nutritious snacks and meals

Avoid Sticky Foods for Cavity Protection

Avoid feeding your child sticky foods

Ensuring your child maintains a healthy diet, at-home oral health care and outdoor exercise is important to their oral health along with visiting a dentist. Schedule your appointment at South Georgetown Dental for caring and comprehensive dental care for your child today by filling out our appointment request form.