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South Georgetown Dental is delighted to be a certified provider of Invisalign, the revolutionary orthodontic treatment that has transformed millions of smiles worldwide. Invisalign offers a modern, highly effective approach to straightening teeth that is both simple and discreet. If you are looking to achieve a healthier alignment of your teeth and enhance the beauty of your smile, Invisalign could be the perfect solution for you. We invite you to contact us today to schedule your Invisalign consultation and take the first step toward the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Aesthetically Pleasing: Invisalign uses clear aligners that are virtually invisible, allowing you to improve your smile without the aesthetic impact of traditional metal braces. This makes Invisalign an excellent choice for adults and teenagers who are self-conscious about wearing braces and want to maintain a professional appearance.

Comfort and Convenience: The aligners are made from a smooth, comfortable plastic that won’t irritate your gums and cheeks like metal braces often can. Each set of aligners is custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth, gradually moving them into the correct position. Because the aligners are removable, you can take them out when eating, brushing, or flossing, which helps maintain better oral hygiene compared to traditional braces.

Proven Effectiveness: Invisalign technology has evolved significantly, making it capable of correcting a wide range of dental issues, including overcrowding, gaps, crossbite, overbite, and underbite. Using advanced 3D computer imaging technology, Invisalign allows you to preview your entire treatment plan from the initial position to the final desired position before starting treatment.

Shorter Treatment Time: In many cases, the duration of treatment with Invisalign is shorter than with traditional braces. The exact time depends on the complexity of the case, but most patients complete their treatment in 12 to 18 months.

The Invisalign Treatment Process at South Georgetown Dental

Initial Consultation: During your first visit, our Invisalign-trained doctors will discuss your orthodontic needs and evaluate whether Invisalign is the right choice for you. We will take digital scans of your teeth to create precise 3D images that can be used to map out a step-by-step transformation plan.

Custom Treatment Plan: Using the scans of your teeth, a custom treatment plan is developed. You’ll be able to see a virtual representation of how your teeth will move with each stage of treatment, and even get a preview of your new smile.

Receiving Your Aligners: Once your aligners are ready, you’ll come into our office to pick them up. We’ll ensure they fit well and make any necessary adjustments. You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before switching to the next in the series, gradually moving your teeth toward their ideal positions.

Regular Check-ups: You’ll have periodic check-ups with us to monitor your progress and receive new aligners. These visits are quick and do not require the frequent adjustments that traditional braces would.

Completion of Treatment: Once you’ve gone through all the aligners in your series, your treatment might be complete! We will evaluate the results, and if necessary, make slight adjustments to perfect your smile.

Start Your Journey to a Perfect Smile

Achieving a beautiful, healthy smile with minimal interference in your daily life is possible with Invisalign. At South Georgetown Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest in orthodontic technology and treatments. Contact us today to book your Invisalign consultation and find out if Invisalign is right for you. Let us help you take the first step toward a confident, radiant smile that you are proud to show off.

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    Thomas Forrest

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