Teaching kids about the importance of healthy teeth can be challenging, especially when it comes to implementing an oral care routine. While it can be a struggle, the importance of oral care and your child’s teeth cannot be emphasized enough, so if you’re having difficulty getting your child to cooperate, the following tips can help:

  1. It is generally recommended that parents help brush their children’s teeth until at least the age of eight to ensure it is being done properly. Flossing should be monitored until the age of ten, after which your child should be able to do both of these things on their own. 
  2. Brushing can be fun if you buy children’s toothpaste with a picture of their favourite character on it. You can take your child with you so that they can pick the one they want and feel more involved in the process. Letting them select their own products will increase the chances of them actually wanting to use it.
  3. Make a reward chart to motivate your child to want to brush and care for their teeth. You can simply add stickers to the chart every time they brush their teeth, which should be done every morning and night. If they successfully fill the entire chart, you can then provide a small reward like a colouring book or a trip to the park.
  4. Incorporate a brushing song into your routine, which will make the process a lot more fun and enjoyable for your child. This will also ensure they are brushing for the right length of time.
  5. Choose a fun toothbrush your child will love because this will make a big difference. You can get a colourful one, character one or even a light-up toothbrush, which will entice your child to want to use the product. Interactive toothbrushes help children become involved in their oral health habits and will help them want to complete the routine on a daily basis.
  6. Healthy and tooth-friendly food options make a big difference, so provide your child with healthy snacks to encourage healthy teeth. Fruits, nuts and vegetables are always a better idea than serving cookies and sweets. Sugar will lead to cavities because it will affect the tooth’s enamel so limit these types of snacks.
  7. Kids always follow by example, so if you’re a good role model and you lead by example, your child will develop good oral habits because of it. Complete your oral care routine together instead of separately because having them stand next to you will make it fun and more of a routine than a chore. 

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