South Georgetown Dental is a proud Invisalign provider. Incredibly simple and easy, this orthodontic treatment is proven to achieve healthy tooth movement while giving you a beautiful smile!

Made of nearly invisible polyurethane, they’re easily removable, unlike more permanent dental fixtures like braces and can be removed when appropriate; however, it’s highly advised against removing them more than normal. Invisalign provides you with improved oral hygiene while providing a discreet yet comfortable look that you can take pride in.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Operating in a similar manner to more traditional braces, via moving teeth into better positions, Invisalign is much less invasive and much more comfortable.

Using specialized software that provides the best outline available for moving your teeth into better alignment, the process involves several stages. Throughout each, Invisalign creates two aligners for your top and bottom teeth. These are worn for two weeks for a minimum 20 hours and continue to wear successive aligners for each stage until your teeth are properly aligned.

Two key features also set Invisalign out from the competition when it comes to teen orthodontic treatments. The first is special “eruption tabs.” These help hold open space for those molars still growing in. There are also “compliance indicators,” which allow parents, teens, and dentists to make sure the aligners are being worn properly; these eventually fade through wear.

It’s highly important to keep your aligners properly clean. Always brush thoroughly after every meal or snack, and clean your aligners regularly using brushing and lukewarm water.

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