Evidence indicates that a staggering 92% of adults in the age group of 20-64 experience cavities in their permanent teeth. The same research also indicates that while tooth decay is common, most sufferers often prolong visiting a dentist, unless they are compelled to do so due to pain or discomfort. Dental cavities are quite common and often result in extremely painful conditions. However, getting the cavity filled by a dentist can help to reduce pain and inflammation to a great extent. Most dental insurance plans cover fillings and hence it is definitely a good idea to include them so that you don’t have to burn your pocket in the next filling appointment. There are generally two types of fillings that dentists recommend: silver and white. Both fillings have different characteristics and can be chosen depending on personal preference and aesthetics. 

Silver vs white filing: The big and subtle differences to consider

The basic difference

As the name suggests, colour is the basic difference between these two types of fillings. The silver filling (also called as dental amalgams) is a combination of metals likes silver, tin, copper and mercury. They have a metallic appearance. The white filling is a combination of plastic and ceramic. Their colour is most often matched with the remaining set of teeth to get a natural tone to the filling.

Using the right filling for right teeth

Family dentists recommend using silver fillings for teeth that need to withstand a lot of pressure and force such as molars. The silver fillings are extremely durable and much less expensive than the white fillings and hence are a great option for good bottom line results. 

The silver filling hardens quite fast and is a great option to use for specifically moist areas of the mouth such as beneath the gum line. White filling is weaker than the silver filling and is not as long lasting. 

Aesthetic appeal

Unless you want to look like some version of Joe Pesci with silver filling from the Home Alone series, silver is probably not the kind of filling you want for your visible teeth. White fillings give a natural and even look to your teeth. 

Propensity to decay

White fillings are much more likely to decay faster than the silver counterparts. 

Many Georgetown family dentists have come across patients who are apprehensive about using silver fillings due to the mercury content in them. However, reputable associations, such as WHO, the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have certified silver fillings to be absolutely safe for use. The mercury found in them is different from that found in tuna or other fish that can potentially cause health problems. Also as mercury binds itself to other metals, it is regarded to be quite safe. 

Whether you choose the white fillings or the silver ones, it is imperative to get the fillings done at the first instance of a cavity and also to get it done from professionals like South Georgetown Dental.

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