Is there anything children love more than tasty treats and sweets? You may be able to manage their treat consumption quite well, but find setting morning and night brushing schedules nearly impossible. You’ve bought them their favourite cartoon toothbrush and toothpaste and yet still can’t get them into the habit of dedicating that two minutes twice daily to keep their teeth strong. At South Georgetown Dental, we hear your frustrations and, fortunately, we have solutions to make brush time a fun time for kids!

Check out our essential brushing tips to ensure your children have healthy teeth and gums!

1. Be A Great Example

Your little one looks up to you in everything they do; that includes brushing teeth! Your toddler loves copying you or an older sibling and you can use this to your advantage during their routine teeth and gum care. Try brushing your teeth at the same time your child is so they can mimic your brushing motions. This is a great practice for them to adapt to the motions and eventually be able to brush independently. This also encourages a bonding moment between you two, which is something for your child to look forward to. You can even invent a silly song or activity to use while you both brush!

2. Keep Them Focused

Regardless of how effectively anyone brushes their teeth, you may not see the results and benefits if you’re not brushing for enough time. It’s important for both you and your little one to brush for two minutes twice daily to ensure proper cleaning and eliminate bacteria. This can be quite a challenge for children, which is why it may help to set a timer or use a fun hourglass to countdown the brushing time. They’ll know that as soon as the sand runs out, they’re done brushing! There are also fun mobile apps with the same purpose you can try.

3. Reward Proper Brushing Techniques

As you instruct your child and have them mimic your brushing motions and angles, keep an eye on whether they’re paying attention and if they’re using the techniques on their own. These actions should be rewarded as it motivates kids to continue with healthy brushing. The rewards do not have to be anything large, as even a sticker or allowing them to play a game before bedtime or pick a favourite book can be effective.

4. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Make sure your child is rinsing their mouth and their toothbrush bristles with lukewarm or semi-cold water prior to brushing, throughout and after. Ensure they’re not swallowing any toothpaste by encouraging frequent rinsing. Rinsing also removes additional bacteria or food particles that may be stuck in between teeth and hard to reach areas.

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