At South Georgetown Dental, we offer comprehensive dental services, including the installation of crowns and bridges. If you’re suffering from damaged or missing teeth, our experienced dental team can provide you with excellent restorative care that will give you back your smile.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are a type of restorative dental application that can help you fix your damaged tooth via restoration and reshaping. They’re able to cup part of your tooth in order to cover any damages and can match the colour of the surrounding teeth.

Installing dental crowns generally take us two visits. For the first visit, our dentists work to prepare the site for the crown by clearing away any debris and take impressions of the affected tooth in order to make your crown; you’ll also have to wear a temporary crown to protect the area. Upon your second appointment, we install the permanent crown. These are strong and durable enough to handle whatever daily life throws at it, especially chewing and biting, and will help keep everything aligned and prevent any shifting.

What Are Bridges?

Bridges differ from crowns in that they’re used to replace missing teeth by connecting whatever gaps are present; they’re made from two or more crowns, which anchor the bridge to the surrounding teeth. The false teeth that cover the gap are subsequently connected to the crowns.

Bridges also generally take the same number of visits as crowns and the processes are largely the same except for the fact that bridges are replacing missing teeth with natural-looking prosthetics. Not only do they restore your smile, but they also restore your abilities, like chewing and speaking, and prevent any shifting. Book a consultation with South Georgetown Dental today and get your smile back!

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