A dental hygienist is an essential member of the dental team. These are mainly dentist assistants who assist with procedures, perform screenings, and offer preventative advice to patients. Hygienists play a significant role in maintaining patients’ oral health, from offering treatment to overseeing their aftercare. Dentistry entrusts hygienists with the responsibility of preventing dental problems that may lead to infection. Being the main point of contact, hygienists help patients understand exactly how to care for their teeth. 

Dentists around the world, including your trusted Georgetown dentist and a team of hygienists, perform a number of procedures in order to help manage the oral health of patients. 

Initial screening

During patient visits, hygienists perform procedures such as screenings for oral cancer and neck inspections. If this is your first visit, and you have been visiting some other dentists in Georgetown, Ontario, the hygienists might also have a look at your medical and dental history. It helps hygienists understand the cause of issues and risk factors and develop plans accordingly.

Proper Assessment

Dental hygienists additionally perform x-rays to diagnose any oral health issues, including tumours and bone loss. Reviewing, reporting, and developing a personal oral health plan is easier based on the reports of these X-rays. During your session with a hygienist, your gum tissue will be examined, and baseline results will be recorded to determine future care. The in-depth assessment also includes assessing your biting, chewing, and swallowing patterns.


Pain relief, teeth whitening, adjusting the braces, dealing with cavities, etc., are managed and often overlooked by hygienists. Treatments such as seep cleaning allow hygienists to remove calculus from the surfaces of the teeth. In order to reduce decay and repair teeth, the hygienist also performs fluoride. 


Hygiene therapy is performed by dental hygienists, as well as oral assessments and regular treatment. Afterwards, developing aftercare plans and routines for patients is done in collaboration with dentists and dental assistants. Oral health improvement is the goal of hygienists’ one-on-one work with patients and their guardians or family members.  

Oral Health Education

One of the most crucial roles that oral hygienists play in the overall dental care process is educating the patients. Whether you’re visiting about a serious dental issue or a regular checkup, hygienists provide comprehensive instruction about the importance of and the right way of brushing and flossing. Not just that, their job also includes things like counselling on a healthy diet and its relationship with oral health. Finally, visual aids can be used to explain treatments, periodontal therapy, and cosmetic procedures by hygienists.


In a dentist’s office, you’ll likely spend some time with a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist maintains your oral health by performing preventative dental treatments. Additionally, they always greet you with a smile and go above and beyond to ensure you have a positive experience. No matter which dental clinic you go to or what the purpose of your visit is, hygienists are committed to providing you with the best oral health and a comfortable experience during your visit.